The following is a template for a trial cleaning service designed to reduce the amount of indoor allergens in a household. After the beta trial is over, the results will be analyzed to see if the cleaning has drastically reduced the amount of indoor allergens in a home or office.

The State's Best Cleaning Service 2017

The State’s Best Cleaning Service

Cleaning Practices

Areas that are more likely to harbor allergens will be proactively addressed. Mattresses will be vacuumed using a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner and will be treated. All fabric furniture will be vacuumed and treated as well. All areas will be dusted and the airborne dust will then be filtered, thereby drastically reducing the amount of dust and dust mites in the home. Carpet will be agitated, vacuumed, then steam sanitized (NOT carpet cleaning) and hard floor surfaces will be steamed and sanitized as well. We will minimize using cleaning chemicals inside the home, and in some cases, we may be able to complete the cleaning without cleaning chemicals.

Pre-Cleaning Recommendations

This service is to designed to greatly reduce household allergens, not to remove dirt and grime from areas that have been neglected for long periods of time. We recommend doing a general cleaning of the house prior to our arrival. Areas that are cluttered need to be organized so that we will have access to the areas to clean. Please remove all sheets, pillows, comforters, blankets, etc. from all beds and household furniture. Please remove all trash from the home.

**Because we will be forcing many of the household allergens airborne, we recommend that you not be home during the cleaning, and if you have pets, please make you make arrangements to have them outside of the home during cleaning.

Cleaning Goals

The goal of this cleaning service is to greatly reduce the amount of indoor allergens in a home. Even the cleanest homes can still be a haven for allergens. Allergy reduction cleaning will address dust mites throughout the home by either 1) killing the dust mites or 2) forcing the dust mites airborne, then filtering the air. We will be using HEPA filters all on equipment.

Ideal Candidates

Although most people would benefit from this type of cleaning, we are targeting people who have severe indoor allergies. People who use inhalers, daily allergy medicine, or who are prone to severe allergy attacks are great candidates for this beta trial. Elderly people, children, or people with weakened immune systems are great candidates as well.

BBB Torch Award For Ethics

BBB Torch Award for Business Ethics

Follow Up

Keep in mind that this beta test is free. What we are looking for in return from the participants is honest, reliable feedback, including:

  1. if the person has a less of a reaction to household allergens after the cleaning, and if so, how long the noticeable reduction lasts (a couple of days, 3 weeks, several months, etc),
  2. how often this service should be performed,
  3. would you recommend this service for people suffering from allergies,
  4. how much you would be willing to pay for this type of service,
  5. recommendations for other deep cleaning services.

Household allergens repopulate quickly, so we are trying to determine how often to recommend this cleaning in homes and if there is a significant value to this service.  This service was developed, in part, due to the hoarding services , hoarding clean up, animal hoarding cleanup services. or our Estate Cleanout Services.