Animal Hoarding Cleanup

Palmetto Commercial Services specializes in animal hoarding cleanup, specifically dog and cat hoarding. We have also completed many other animal hoarding jobs, such as mice, rats, hamsters, birds, opossums, raccoons, There are many levels to hoarding cleanup and we give free, onsite estimates and offer advice on how to get started.

We offer animal hoarding cleanup throughout the states of South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured and each of our employees have passed federal, state, and local background checks and reference checks to ensure we have the most trustworthy team.

Whether you are looking to only have trash and debris removed from the house or property, or you are looking to have full service organization, trashout, and maid-service cleaning, we can accommodate. We can disinfect the pathogens to make the homes safe again while performing animal hoarding cleanup.

We also provide valuable odor removal services for many of these homes.

We can aid in deciding what items to keep, what items to sell (liquidate), what items to donate, and what items to throw out during animal hoarding cleanup.

We work a lot with code enforcement on cases that are in violation of state, county, and municipal codes. We can also help in cases where DSS is involved, generally working with Child Protective Services when a child or children has been removed, or Adult Protective Services, when an adult is removed from a home.

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animal hoarding cleanup

Animal Hoarding

What Happens To The “Stuff”?

Many times, clients are unwilling to throw out everything on animal hoarding cleanup jobs. Even when a client instructs us to throw out everything, we typically find items of value that we return to the client. We commonly find money, jewelry, firearms, and valuable collectables in houses while we are completing the trashout phase. When items of value are found, we immediately take them to the client. This action shows the client that we are trustworthy and prevents the items from being “lost” again.  Many times, cats and dogs that are in the home before we arrive are taken to the local animal shelters to be adopted.

We typically have three main areas: an area for items to keep, an area for items to throw away, and an area for reusable items to donate.

Our Team:

Palmetto Commercial Services has an extremely talented team, which has over 200 combined years of cleaning experience. Each team member has received specialized training to prepare them for each animal hoarding cleanup. Our staff is professional, presentable, courteous, and discreet. We treat all of our clients with respect. We are fully trained in OSHA procedures and do everything possible to keep our staff safe on each and every jobsite. We use discrete vehicles that do not have our company name, logo, or what we do on them. Most people assume we are a moving company due to our company vehicles.

How Much Does This Service Cost?

This is a common question, and frankly, there is no simple answer for animal hoarding cleanup.  There are several degrees of cat and dog hoarding, so our prices are based on the amount of time we estimate to complete your project.  Many times, we will use roll off containers, box trucks, cleaning agents, disinfectants, PPE, respirators, etc., and those costs are included in our prices.  Each client has a unique goal and we tailor our services to meet the needs of our clients.  Most franchises generally charge $100 per employee hour plus costs of materials used and materials removed, which can easily cost $3200 or more per day for animal hoarding cleanup.  Our rates are generally much less than our franchise competitors and we generally complete our jobs days before our competition, saving you thousands of dollars.

What To Expect:

Contacting us is a huge step in allowing your home to be functional again.  One of our operations managers will schedule a time at your convenience to meet at your home and advise a course of action that meets your needs.  Our staff is friendly, professional, and non-judgmental.  We will not be shocked by anything we see at your property.  We will submit a free, no-obligation written bid.  If our bid is accepted, we will schedule a time, at your convenience, to begin work on deep cleaning services for your home.  Generally, the pets will need to be out of the home when we begin cleaning, but exceptions can be made.  We can clean and decontaminate your home to make it ready for repairs to be completed.  Animal hoarding cleanup may not be as difficult as you imaging.

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