Palmetto Commercial Services is a highly specialized cleaning company. We have 2 main divisions: Commercial Cleaning and Specialized Cleaning Services. When you apply for one of our cleaning jobs, please specify which division you are applying to work with. Make sure you include all relevant previous and current work experience, as we will contact each of your previous employers.

For the Specialized Cleaning Division, please list all relevant training you currently have or have previously received. For example, if you have Bloodbourne Pathogen training, HAZWOPER Certification, OSHA training, hoarding cleanup, or estate cleanout jobs experience, please list it.

We generally received at least 10 new applications each week. Please make sure your application is complete and that all information is accurate. NO PHONE CALLS! If you call regarding a position with PCS, you will have shown an inability to follow instructions and therefore will not be considered for employment.

Please fill out the form below completely. Make sure you include all relevant job information. Save the form to your computer, then send it to as an attachment.


If you are having problems emailing the application, you can fax it to (866) 611-0605. Make sure all fields are legible.