How Much Do Office Cleaning Services Cost?

Office cleaning services can vary greatly, based on the scope of work provided.  Some companies require once per week cleaning, whereas some companies require daily cleaning.  COVID-19 cleaning requires deep cleaning of high-touch areas, but some businesses do not want to add these services to their scope of work.  This article contains reasons office cleaning service costs may vary.

office cleaning services

How much do office cleaning services cost?

  1. FrequencyThe frequency of commercial cleaning services will affect the total cost.  Some companies provide each account with equipment dedicated solely to that account.  The upside is the equipment should always be onsite.  Another upside is that the equipment isn’t being taken into other buildings, such as vet clinics and dirty houses, where pet dander may be absorbed into the brooms, mops, and vacuum cleaners and redistributed throughout your building.  The equipment costs may be passed along in the bid, as the cost is higher for the janitorial service to provide equipment to each building.  Once per week cleaning services may take months to cover the cost for the equipment alone, so the company may use the same equipment in multiple buildings.
  2. Cleanable Square FootageMany office cleaning services charge based on the square footage of the building.  It is a standard practice and most buildings know their square footage.  However, the cleanable square footage is the area inside the building that needs to be cleaned, not the total square footage.  If janitorial companies are charging based on cleanable square footage instead of total square footage, the price will be different.
  3. ExperienceThe commercial cleaning industry has an extremely high turn-over rate.  Many large janitorial services can experience turn-over as high as 300% annually.  The HR costs for these companies is extremely high, so the hourly wages of the cleaning technician are generally around minimum wage.  Some companies choose to spend more on fully-trained employees.  These companies generally experience much less turnover.  As such, they can eliminate the need for annual account bidding.  However, having a reliable, experienced cleaning company is rare and generally comes with a higher price.

When you factor these costs together, office cleaning services can generally range from $.08 per square foot for daily office cleaning for many carpeted office buildings.  Buildings with VCT, LVP, or tile floors generally require more dusting and more materials, so these cleaning costs can range from $.12 – $.20 per square foot for daily cleaning.

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