Coronavirus Cleaning

Coronavirus CleaningPalmetto Commercial Services is an industry leader in Columbia, SC on extreme cleaning and environmental sanitizing services.  The coronavirus (COVID-19) is extremely dangerous and we have been asked to deep clean, sanitize, and disinfect many businesses, schools, and manufacturing plants affected by the outbreak.  Coronavirus cleaning (COVID-19) involves understanding how the virus spreads, the conditions necessary for allowing it to grow and spread, the chemicals needed to properly destroy it, the understanding and implementation of proper dwell times, the proper personal protective equipment, the different types of equipment, etc.  If you require coronavirus cleaning in your office or home deep cleaned and/or sanitized/disinfected prior to having an exposure, give us a call today for a free quote.  But please be patient, as we are receiving a lot of calls and emails.  (803) 479-0812 or visit us online at  For more information on COVID-19 cleaning throughout the United States, visit ABRA at

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