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Palmetto Commercial Services specializes in hoarder cleaning and hoarding cleanup, completing over 725 hoarding services over the past few years. There are many levels to hoarder cleaning and we give free, onsite estimates and offer advice on how to get started.

We operate throughout the states of South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured and each of our employees have passed SLED checks and reference checks to ensure we have the best team.

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Hoarding Cleanup

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Cleaning Services Available

Full Service Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding Decisions Infographic

Hoarding Decisions

Whether you are looking to only have trash and debris removed from the house or property, or you are looking to have full service organization, trashout, and maid-service cleaning, we can accommodate all levels of hoarder cleaning. We are South Carolina’s most experienced hoarding cleanup company, and have been recognized by The State Newspaper, The Free Times, Columbia Metropolitan Magazine, Top Rated Local, Lexington Life Magazine and were featured in Columbia Business Monthly, Greenville Business Monthly, and Charleston Business Monthly in January 2021.  We were also featured on The Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible in Myrtle Beach, SC in 2015.

We can aid in deciding what items to keep, what items to sell (liquidate), what items to donate, and what items to throw out. We can also deep clean homes, properly sanitize and disinfect all areas, clean carpets, clean upholstery, and provide almost every cleaning you may need. Most other companies only remove items, but very few actually clean.

Department of Social Services Cases (DSS)

Our team routinely works with code enforcement and DSS (Department of Social Services) to help get homes in compliance with local building codes when providing hoarder cleaning and hoarding cleanup services. We also provide training to the Department of Social Services, specifically, Adult Protective Services and Child Protective Services. We work on many cases where children are living in sub-standard environments and cases where adults labeled as “vulnerable” are living in conditions that are detrimental to their health and/or safety.

Companies We Work With

We can also refer other companies that may be able to help you as well, such as pest control, duct cleaning, maintenance companies, real estate agents, and estate sale companies.

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Depression Cleanout Services

Our Team

Palmetto Commercial Services has an extremely talented team, who has over 200 combined years of cleaning experience. Each team member has received specialized training to prepare them for each environment. Our staff is professional, presentable, courteous, and discreet. We treat all of our clients with respect. We are fully trained in OSHA procedures and do everything possible to keep our staff safe on each and every jobsite.

What Happens to “The Stuff”?

Many times, clients are unwilling to throw out everything. Even when a client instructs us to throw out everything, we typically find items of value that we return to the client. We commonly find money, jewelry, firearms, and valuable collectibles in houses while we are completing the trashout phase. When items of value are found, we immediately take them to the client. This action shows the client that we are trustworthy and prevents the items from being “lost” again.

We typically have three main areas: an area for items to keep, an area for items to throw away, and an area for reuseable items to donate.

What are the different levels of hoarding?

ICD Clutter Hoarding Scale

Clutter Hoarding Scale

Hoarding is a term used to describe a behavior. A national non-profit organization called Institute for Chronic Disorganization has developed an excellent tool to help describe the different types of environments affected by hoarding. Click on the following link to see the different levels.  The types often help when picking a plan to complete hoarder cleaning and assist with hoarder clean up.

Senior Housing Advocacy

Senior Housing Advocacy occurs when a senior has housing-related issues that may result in removal from the home, eviction or condemnation.  These issues can arise from housing non-compliance, safety hazards, fire hazards, health hazards, unsanitary conditions (gross filth), severe clutter, any level of hoarding, roach infestations, flea infestations, accumulation of pets, bed bug infestations, mold, and more.  For more information on Senior Housing Advocacy, visit us here for more information https://www.palmettocommercialservices.com/senior-housing-advocacy/

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