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Hoarding Cleanup and Depression

Hoarding Cleanup and Depression

Characteristics of Homes

Hoarding cleanup companies are generally available when a person who tends to hoard items is ready to begin organizing or downsizing.  However, when depression is involved, it is common to see large amounts of trash and debris in the home.  Visually, these areas are disturbing.  From a cleanup standpoint, however, these homes are generally much easier and faster to cleanup up.  Here are some ways to assist in hoarding cleanup services where severe depression is involved.

Where to Begin

Many people who are depressed and hoard have homes with similarities.  It is common to see fast food bags and drinks, microwave dinners, overflowing trash, alcohol cans, wine bottles, and other items that aren’t being collected, but aren’t being thrown away.  When these are present, it is very common to see gnats, flies, sewer flies, roaches, spiders, and even mice and rats inside the home.  If so, you may want to consider hiring a reputable pest control company first before you begin the cleanout process.  However, depending on the severity of the infestation, multiple pest control treatments may be required to make a significant difference.  In order to begin the cleanup, you must be safe and acquire the appropriate safety items.  If available, you should consider wearing a biohazard suit with built-in hoodie and booties during the cleanout phase.  Wear disposable gloves and tape the gloves to the sleeves of the biohazard suit.  Then, put on latex-coated work gloves (if you aren’t allergic to latex) over the disposable gloves for additional grip.  If you’ve completed a fit test and medical evaluation, consider wearing a half-faced or full-faced respirator.  If you haven’t, wear at least a disposable surgical mask and change it often.  Wear a set of steel-toed work boots or rubber boots over the booties.

Hoarding Cleanup Trash Accumulation

Trash Removal

Get multiple rolls of 45 – 55 gallon trash bags.  Start at one end of the room and work slowly in one direction, filling each bag up more more than 75% full.  If wine bottles are in the room, you may need to reduce the bag to 25% full, as the weight of empty glass can be prohibitive to carry and transport.  Get a hard plastic container to place broken glass and other sharp items in.  Once the bag reaches it’s maximum level, tie the bag and remove the bag from the room (preferably outside of the home).  If you must leave it inside the room, clear an areas of the floor, place it on the bare floor, and continue to add additional bags until the room is complete.

Hoarding Cleanup Services After

Post Cleanout Deep Cleaning

After the cleanout is complete, you may want to hire a deep cleaning company to properly clean the interior of the home.  A basic house cleaning company or office cleaning service may not provide enough attention to detail for a proper clean.  A biohazard remediation company or a bed bug cleaning company may be more suitable for this type of cleaning and disinfection.  For additional information on advanced biohazard remediation companies that perform hoarding cleanup services in the United States, visit American Bio Recovery Association at  For more information on advanced biohazard remediation companies that specialize in hoarding cleanup services in Columbia, South Carolina, visit us HERE.

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