Can Junk Removal Companies Help Local Animal Shelters?

Junk removal companies have become a popular business in the past few years.  Many people acquire things they no longer need and make decisions

Junk Removal Companies Columbia SC

Junk Removal Companies

to downsize in their current living environment, pay for storage at storage companies, or move and need to reduce the amount of things they bring with them.  As such, many people are either unable or unwilling to get rid of the things they no longer need or want.  One solution is hiring a junk removal company to pick up the items and remove them from the home or business.

In many instances, the junk removal company can choose to do whatever they want with the items once the items are removed from the property.  Some companies keep items and sell them at the flea market, Ebay or Facebook Marketplace.  Some company attempt to donate useable items.  Most companies simply throw the items into the landfill.

How can junk removal companies help local animal shelters?

First, in order to help local animal shelters, junk removal companies can contact nearby animal shelters or animal rescues and request a list of items they are looking to acquire.  For example, many shelters are in need of cleaning supplies, paper products, sheets, bedding, animal kennels, dog or cat food, water hoses and many other items used in the day to day operations.  Simply knowing which items can be used is half the battle.  The junk removal company can start collecting these items and make a plan to drop them off every so often.  Over the course of a few jobs, these donations can become significant.

What items can junk removal companies donate to local animal shelters or animal rescues?

Each animal shelter or animal rescue is different.  Typically, animal shelters and animal rescues can use unopened dog or cat food, both bagged and canned, pet pads, cat and dog carriers, cat and dog crates, cat and dog medicine (if it has not expired), cleaning chemicals, newspapers, sheets, bedding, dog and cat houses, water hoses and bleach.  Check with your local shelter to see what needs they may have.

How can I find a local animal shelter or animal rescue?

Many counties or municipalities have animal shelters.  Go to, type in “Animal Shelters Near Me” or “Animal Rescue Near Me” in the search bar and call the shelters closest to you.  Ask if there is a list of items they need.  Most will have a complete list and those lists may be published on their websites and/or social media profiles.

About the Author:

Mike Young, CEO of Palmetto Commercial Services, a senior housing advocacy company located in Columbia, SC, currently instructs his company to take supplies to Columbia Animal Services in Columbia, SC.  Columbia Animal Services is a county and city animal shelter, responsible for housing dogs and cats found as strays, abandoned and court cases in and around Richland County, SC and City of Columbia, SC.  City of Columbia Animal Services is striving to become a no-kill shelter and has recently added a strong volunteer program, foster program, adoption ambassador program and dog playgroup program (taught by Dogs Playing For Life) in order to expedite these efforts.  Mike also volunteers regularly at Columbia Animal Services, making bios and videos for many of the dogs to help get them exposure and (hopefully) adopted.  More Time For Dogs was created to help promote dogs at Columbia Animal Services get more exposure.  Pets of Columbia Animal Services is a volunteer run initiative to help all dogs at the shelter get more exposure and hopefully rescued, adopted or fostered.  A Second Chance is also a volunteer run Facebook and Tiktok campaign designed to highlight more local shelter dogs.  Junk removal companies, such as Palmetto Commercial Services, can always take donations to local animal shelters.