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How Much Do Construction Cleaning Services Cost?

Post Construction Cleaning Services

Sheetrock Repair

Cleaning up after construction companies can be much tougher than cleaning office buildings.  Depending on the supervisor and the quality of the construction, the cleanings can consist of minimal work or much more time consuming, detailed oriented cleaning.  Additionally, post construction cleaning many times involves cleaning while construction workers are present and still working or performing punch list work.  Here are some tips for determining how much construction cleaning services cost and how to perform them.





Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning Costs

Construction cleaning costs vary from building to building.  If you are working in any construction zone, you will need to follow all OSHA safety guidelines.  New home construction generally consists of 3 separate cleanings:  rough cleaning, detailed cleaning and touch up cleaning.  The price for each phase depends on the amount of work completed.  The rough cleaning phase generally involves removing paint from windows and sills, removing caulk, vacuuming sheetrock dust, dusting the entire facility or home, removing stickers and other adhesives from glass, mirrors, toilets, bathtubs, etc, sweeping/vacuuming/mopping, and cleaning areas that have a lot of construction debris.  The rough cleaning phase in new homes generally ranges from $.15 – $.30 per square foot.  For commercial office buildings, this phase can range from $.05 – $.20 per square foot.

The detailed or deep cleaning phase consists of cleaning the entire facility, paying close attention to ceilings, walls, windows, window sills, molding, glass, mirrors doors and door frames, closets, light fixtures, ceiling fans, appliances, sinks and sink basins, countertops, inside cabinets and drawers, common areas, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, livingrooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms, dens, basements, and other rooms inside the facility.  Detailed cleaning is generally much more labor intensive and costs more to clean.  For homes, the detailed cleaning phase generally costs $.20 – $.40 per square foot.  For commercial buildings, the detailed cleaning phase ranges from $.10 – $.30 per square foot.

The touch up cleaning phase for a home generally consists of cleaning the home after all work and punch list work has been completed.  It isn’t uncommon to clean areas that have already been cleaned due to continued work in some areas.  The bathrooms and kitchens are generally included in this phase, as well as polishing surfaces again.  Re-cleaning the floors (carpeted and hard surface) is generally required.  This phase generally is much less labor intensive and can cost $.05 – $.15 per square foot in a house and $.05 – $.10 per square foot in an office.

Construction Cleaning Tips

Sheetrock Dust

Post construction cleaning is part art, part science.  Many extra items are required to adequately perform this type of work and to save time while working.  First, a HEPA system vacuum cleaner is a workhorse on these jobs, but they are generally not inexpensive.  Notice the HEPA system and not just a HEPA filter vacuum are highly encouraged.  Most residential and commercial vacuum cleaners now have HEPA filters, but the system itself isn’t fully sealed and can let dust back into the environment.  Collecting all drywall dust is generally the most time consuming part of construction cleaning jobs.  Even a small amount of sheetrock dust, when it gets wet, can take multiple times to properly remove.  Use a HEPA system backpack vacuum cleaner to vacuum the ceilings, walls, windows, window sills, blinds, curtains, molding, doors and floors in each room first.



Dust on Floor

Once the vacuuming is complete, pick one room in the home or building and start cleaning one wall from top to bottom.  Clean the window casing, windows, window sills, baseboards, doors and casing, door knobs, hinges and door lock.  Check the windows, mirrors, overhead lights, fan and fan blades and floor for paint overspray or paint drips.  Remove these as necessary.  Move to the next wall and clean each item on it, including the cabinets and drawers.  Once the room is complete, close the door and move to the next room.   Continue this process until each room in the building is complete.  Note – sheetrock dust is very fine, so you may want to check each room for this dust after the work is complete, as the dust may remain airborne for hours after it is disturbed.

For more information on construction cleaning, visit the ISSA website at  For information on post construction cleaning services in South Carolina, click the blue link.



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