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How To Clean Elevator Tracks

How To Clean Elevator Tracks

Many companies employ commercial cleaning companies to maintain the cleanliness of their buildings on a daily basis.  But cleaning the elevator tracks is overlooked on many occasions.  Sometimes it’s due to the janitorial service being unaware of proper elevator track cleaning procedures.  Other times it may not be covered in the commercial cleaning contract.  Yet other times the office cleaning company isn’t cleaning the tracks frequently enough.  Here are some tips to help you learn how to clean elevator tracks.


Dirty Tracks

1.  Thoroughly Vacuum the Tracks

Examining most elevator tracks will reveal dirt and other debris in the crevices of the track itself.  Simply forcing the dirt side to side with a broom will only temporarily hide the dirt, and it will continue to build up.  In order to remove the dirt buildup, you will need to use a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment and thoroughly vacuum the tracks.  This may sound easy, but keep in mind you will need to find an electrical outlet close to the elevator.  You will also need to ensure that the door doesn’t close while you are vacuuming.  If you are inside the elevator and the elevator door closes, it could puncture the electrical cord on the vacuum cleaner, creating a safety hazard and rendering the vacuum cleaner useless.  If possible, turn the elevator off while vacuuming the tracks.


Clean Track

2.  Pre-Spray the Elevator Tracks

Depending upon the amount of buildup in the tracks and the amount of time between cleanings, there may be a significant amount of oil/grease/grime buildup in the elevator tracks.  Many times it is a good idea to spray the tracks with a weak degreaser.  The degreaser will loosen the gunk buildup and will make cleaning the tracks much easier.  Allow the degreaser to sit for a couple of minutes, then use paper towels or a non-scratch scrub pad and work the degreaser from side to side along all tracks.  Repeat this step if necessary.

3.  Rinse the Elevator Tracks

Degreasers can harm metal if not properly removed, so it is important to properly dry the elevator tracks, ensuring that all of the degreaser is removed.  Once removed, use mild to hot water in the tracks and wash the tracks side to side.  Repeat as necessary.

4.  Use Stainless Steel Cleaning in the Elevator Tracks

Sometimes using degreaser will remove all of the buildup in the elevator tracks.  However, a commercial cleaning company should also clean the tracks with a commercial grade stainless steel cleaner for optimal results.  I would not recommend using the same microfiber cloth as the one used to clean the inside of the elevator itself, as remnants of dirt and debris could scratch the stainless steel.  Thoroughly clean the tracks and ensure they are dry.

5.  Re-Inspect the Elevator Tracks

It is always a good idea to re-inspect any work that you have completed.  Look at the tracks from both inside the elevator and outside of the elevator.  Make sure each track is clean and free from dirt. Your janitorial company can establish realistic timelines and should repeat these steps as necessary to ensure the elevator tracks remain clean.

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