Lice Cleaning Service

Head lice are generally problematic in schools and daycares, but can also be issues in cars and homes.  There are many ways to kill lice and eggs when they appear on a person’s head, but what about the person’s home, vehicle, office, or other buildings where the person has traveled?  Most cleaning companies do not offer lice cleaning service, either because they don’t know how to properly clean when lice are present or because they don’t want to risk contaminating their cleaning equipment.

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  1. Laundry 

    Any fabrics that have come into contact with the head of a person that has lice should be dried on high heat (minimum of 130 degrees) for 30+ minutes.  The heat will kill both the lice and the eggs.  Clothing, towels, sheets, comforters, mattress covers, hats, and other items should be included.



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    Best Cleaning Service 2021

  2. Vacuuming

    A HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaner should be used for this stage of cleaning.  The HEPA filter will prevent microscopic particles, including the lice and their eggs, from being exhausted back into the room when the vacuum cleaner is running.  Service includes vacuuming all surfaces of the mattress and box springs in all affected rooms, vacuuming the headboards, rails, and footboards of the bed frames, furniture around the bed and frame, all flooring surfaces throughout the affected rooms, and baseboards of the affected rooms.  In other areas of the home, the couches, sofas, love seats, recliners, and other upholstered furniture will be vacuumed.

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    lice cleaning service

    3. Steaming

    Proper vacuuming should reduce the number of lice and eggs on the surface.  However, using an industrial steamer on these areas will also reduce these.  Each area that has been vacuumed will also be steamed.   Some customers request all items of the affected rooms to be steamed as well.

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    Best Cleaning Company 2020

These services are most effective after treating the heads of the affected persons.  Lice and their eggs will eventually die off on their own, but many people want to reduce the likelihood of a re-infestation in their home, especially in the case of super lice.  Palmetto Commercial Services is located in Columbia, South Carolina, but will travel throughout the state for these jobs.  PCS does have a minimum charge for these services, in addition to travel costs.  For a free quote on lice cleaning service, call us today at (803) 479-0812 or email us at



lice cleaning service Columbia South Carolina

Lice Cleaning Service

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