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Office Cleaning Service Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Office Cleaning Service Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Office cleaning service providers generally include nightly bathroom cleaning in their scope of work.  However, there are several areas of the bathrooms that are problematic and should be cleaned more often than the scope of work calls for.  Here are some tips to identify those areas before commercial cleaning customers find them and complain.

1.  Bathroom Vents

Office cleaning service providers generally neglect to clean the overhead bathroom vents in offices.  When the dust accumulation is visible, it is difficult to properly clean it without making a mess in the bathroom.  Many commercial cleaning services will use an extendable microfiber duster, but many of the loose dust particles will not get trapped in the microfiber and will fall.  Very small particles will remain airborne for hours and will eventually land, but likely much longer than it takes to finish cleaning the bathroom.  The risk to commercial cleaning services is to complete the bathroom cleaning, then come back to re-dust, or skip cleaning the bathroom vent and hope no one notices.

Office Cleaning Service Fail

2.  Toilet Tank

If your office cleaning service cleans your bathroom properly, they will also routinely clean the dust off of the back of your toilet tank.  Many commercial cleaning services allow extra paper stock to be stored on the tanks, as well as magazines, air fresheners, and other items.  However, because these items take up room on the tank, the tops of the tanks can be skipped.  Since most commercial bathrooms are not carpeted, dust will re-emerge from the flooring and will re-settle on the tops of the tanks.  Take a clean paper towel and wipe the top of the tank.  If you find dust build up, properly dust the tank.

Toilet Tank

3. Handicap Rail

Most handicap rails are stainless steel can can be easily cleaned.  However, many commercial cleaning services skip dusting this area because it is difficult to see this dust.  These areas aren’t frequently touched, so cleaning may not be as frequent.  The rails should be properly dusted, then cleaned on each cleaning visit.

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