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Office Cleaning Service Tips – Bathrooms

Office Cleaning Service Tips – Bathrooms

Most office cleaning service companies provide basic cleaning services.  However, a majority of the complaints seem to come from the office bathrooms, both men’s and women’s bathrooms.  Here are some tips to reduce or eliminate customer complaints that arise from bathroom cleaning issues.

    1. Request a double toilet paper dispenser

      Regardless who pays for supplies, running out of toilet paper is completely unacceptable.  An office cleaning service that runs out of toilet paper will lose the cleaning contract quickly.  If the cleaning contract does not call for daily cleaning, it is difficult to determine how much toilet paper will be used between office cleaning service visits.  Request a toilet paper dispenser that holds more than one roll of toilet paper.  You should be able to save money on toilet paper costs over time and reduce the number of restocking complaints.

      Double dispenser

    2. Clean the bathroom partitions often

      Bathroom partitions should generally be cleaned at least weekly.  However, it is difficult for commercial cleaning service technicians to move easily inside the stall.  These areas are often not frequently cleaned, especially the back of the door.  Use a foamer to apply a liquid cleaner to the partitions and the toilet.  Allow the foam to drip onto the floor.  Then use a microfiber cleaning cloth to remove any residue.  The bathroom will smell great and there should be no hard scrubbing.

      Clean the partitions often

    3. Keep replacement air freshener batteries on hand

      Office cleaning service contracts generally include air freshener refills.  However, many cleaning contracts overlook the batteries that need to be replaced in those dispensers.  Customers will sometimes complain that the air fresheners are not being replaced, when, in fact, the batteries are no longer functioning.  Batteries are generally inexpensive and replacing them quickly can prevent bathroom cleaning complaints.


Office cleaning service contracts generally have a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual scope of work.  However, cleaning complaints still occur, even when the scope of work is followed closely.  For additional information on janitorial service education, visit ISSA at  For more information on commercial cleaning service in Columbia, SC, visit us here for a free quote.

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