In order to properly disinfect a surface, the surface must be properly cleaned first.  Then an EPA-registered disinfectant is applied to the surface and allowed to sit on that surface for the dwell time (generally 10 minutes).  Germs on that surface are then killed.  However, very few disinfectants continue to kill germs after the disinfects dry.  PRO-Techs formulated a solution to apply to surfaces to continue working up to 90 days after they are applied properly.  It is a green product and EPA-registered.  For more information on the PRO-Techs technology, visit their website at

PRO-Techs has been used on surfaces for over 40 years.  They manufacturer the solution, but do not apply it.  They choose reputable companies to partner with in order to apply the solution.  Palmetto Commercial Services was chosen as a “Preferred Partner” in June 2020 after a stringent vetting process.  PCS was chosen due to several factors, including number of years in business, state and local awards won, BBB Torch Award for Ethics winner, continuing education protocols, amount and severity of previous jobs completed, biohazard knowledge, environmental sanitizing knowledge, COVID deep cleaning and sanitizing procedures, diversification of certifications earned, and industry dominance.  Palmetto Commercial Services is the only company permitted to apply PRO-Techs in 10 counties in South Carolina.

PRO-Techs is currently being used in schools, hospitals, medical offices, daycares, restaurants, businesses, airports, manufacturing plants, locker rooms, etc.  Many businesses want protection in their high-touch areas, such as door handles, light switches, lobbies, conference rooms, keyboards, mice, common area chairs, bathrooms, etc.  PCS can deep clean and apply PRO-Techs to only high-touch areas or all areas, depending on the businesses needs or budget. Customers hiring PCS to apply PRO-Techs will receive stickers to show customers and employees what was applied to help keep them safe.  To schedule an appointment for a free consultation in South Carolina, visit


Pro-Techs is a unique non-migrating antimicrobial technology that works 24/7 to prevent growth of bacteria, fungi, algae, yeasts, and viruses…

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