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What Are The Benefits of Roof Washing?

As you look around your neighborhood, pay attention to the roofs.  Are they clean?  Are there dark marks on them?  Is there pinestraw or limbs on the roofs?  What about moss?  Roofs are one of the most expensive investments on a home, and when properly maintained, can last for may years without having to be fully replaced.  If your roof isn’t being properly maintained, it can reduce the lifespan of the roof and can lead to leaks or worse.  Many companies that pressure wash claim to clean roofs to, but the chemicals used are different.  Here are some benefits to professional roof washing.

Extend the Life of the Roof

Standing water on roofs will eventually cause the roof to fail and ultimately leak.  That’s why its important to ensure nothing stays on the roof for extended periods of time.  You may have homes in your neighborhood that have pinestraw accumulated on them.  Over time, the pinestraw becomes wet, then dry.  The process of wetting and drying the pinestraw makes it more difficult to simply blow off the roof by itself.  As the pinestraw mass grows in size, it will hold larger amounts of water, keeping the water in contact with the shingles.  When the moisture gets under the shingle to the flashing, it generally doesn’t take long to get to the plywood.  Even slightly damp plywood is prone to leaking into the home.  It is important to not only remove the pinestraw, but to stay on top of it, as it is likely to return.

If you see moss or fungus growing on your roof, it can be a sign of roof decay.  Despite the direct UV sunlight, the algae grows a protective biofilm that protects it and allows it to continue to grow.  The algae will eat through the shingles and eventually the flashing and the plywood.  It is important to kill the algae and prevent it from returning as soon as possible to prevent further catastrophic damage to the roof.  Many people think that using a pressure washer will remove the algae, as the force of the water will loosen the algae, forcing it away from the shingles.  However, algae is a living being and has roots and if the roots aren’t properly destroyed, the algae will simply re-grow.  Companies that specialize in roof washing use a chemical specifically designed to kill the algae and the roots.  In some cases, an additional wash is necessary, as the roots may not be visible if the algae growth is significant.


Immediately After Soft Washing

Algae on Roof


Take a look at several roofs in a neighborhood.  Some households take a lot of pride in the appearance of their homes and properly maintain their yards, have a cleaning service to clean the interior of the home, keep outside debris to a minimum, have fresh paint on the house and trim, and softwash the roof every so often.  The homes that neglect the roofs are generally obvious.  The staining generally isn’t difficult to remove unless it has been there for years.  Here’s a tip – if you schedule a roof wash in the off season, generally the winter, you may be able to get a better price or faster service, as many pressure washing companies have less scheduled cleanings during the winter.

6 Months Later

Softwashing the Home

If you are already scheduling a roof wash, get a quote on softwashing the home.  Although the chemicals may be different, a softwashing company will have much lower set up costs by performing both services on the same visit.  Many companies prefer to do more work on each house than doing basic cleaning on each house.  It allows them to show off all of their talents and make a home revitalized.

Pressure Washing the Sidewalk

If you’ve ever seen a sidewalk being washed, you’ll notice a different piece of equipment being used.  This equipment allows a much larger area to be cleaned.  Most pressure washing companies will show pictures with only half of the work completed, generally with a line down half of the sidewalk so you can see the contract in the dirty area and the area they just washed.  Having your sidewalks washed will maintain the life of your sidewalk and reduce potential slipping hazards.

Softwashing the Porch

The porch can be a catch-all area at some homes and removing furniture and other items will need to be completed before washing a porch.  Whether its a front porch, back porch or wraparound porch, a proper softwashing is in order to get it back clean.  Make sure that all of the windows are shut

Gutter Cleaning

The gutters on a house can get clogged with leaves, pinestraw, sticks and other debris.  Once they are clogged, the water may not drain properly and can cause drainage issues around the roof and foundation.  Installing proper gutter guards will help, but cleaning the gutters is the best way to solve this issue.  Also, inspect the gutters to make sure the are properly attached to the home, as the weight of the items inside the gutters can cause undo stress where they attach to the home.  A reputable pressure washing company can help you with your gutter cleaning needs.

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